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SUAVE uses a simple and highly trusted bridge with the Goerli Ethereum network to transfer assets for gas and MEV applications.

The current bridge implementation is meant to enable rapid prototyping. It is not meant for production / mainnet usage.


The bridge code consists of two components:

  1. onchain GasBridge contract
  2. offchain relayerClient

An implementation of a GasBridge smart contract and the trusted relayerClient backend can be found here and here respectively.

The GasBridge solidity is responsible for emitting events that the relayerClient uses as a signal to mint on the SUAVE chain. The relayerClient backend initializes and manages a bridge between two Ethereum chains (rootchain and sidechain) for monitoring and relaying events. The relayerClient code includes functions for tracking events, handling transactions, and managing event states.

interface GasBridge {
event GasEvent(address indexed sender, uint256 indexed id, uint256 amount);

function transfer() external payable
type relayerClient interface {
SendTransaction(ctx context.Context, event *GasEvent) (string, error)
TransactionReceipt(ctx context.Context, hash common.Hash) (*types.Receipt, error)