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Builder soliditysolidity with access to precompiles that help facilitate the processing of transactions and intents.
Confidential Compute Request (CCR)a user request to Suave that contains (1) SUAPP information such as to and calldata, (2) confidential inputs, and (3) a list of SUAPPs and Kettles allowed to operate on confidential inputs. [🔗spec].
Confidential Data Storestores confidential data for SUAPPs (L1 transactions, EIP 712 signed messages, userOps, private keys, and more). [🔗spec].
Developercreates smart contracts on SUAVE Chain that define rules for SUAPPs.
Domainsa system with a globally shared state that is mutated by various players through actions (e.g. “transactions”) that execute in a shared execution environment.
Domain-Specific Servicesprovides functionality to interact with target domains (i.e. for Goerli or Arbitrum, simulate transactions, build bundles, build blocks, …). [🔗spec].
Intentrefers to “what” the desired outcome of an action on a blockchain should be as opposed to transactions which specify “how” an action should be performed.
Intent Executoractor who is responsible for taking consolidated user intents and executing them on a domain.
Kettleaccepts and processes confidential compute requests and maintains the SUAVE chain; the logical unit of the SUAVE network and main protocol actor. [🔗spec].
MEVMmodified EVM with a set of precompiles to interact with APIs for Confidential Data Store, Domain-Specific Services, and more. [🔗spec].
OFAan application that receives transactions and either facilitates an auction on top of it or routes it elsewhere.
Peekerscontracts with the correct permissions - granted by users in CCRs - to get and put data in the Confidential Data Store.
Precompilespurpose-built functions with extended capabilities that can be called from Builder Solidity. [🔗spec].
Toliman TestnetThe current test network. Naming convention follows the stars in the Alpha Centauri system.
Relayactor in the mev-boost protocol that is responsible for validating blocks and offering them to validators upon request.
RPCEndpoint to receive user transactions, which moves confidential input to the Confidential Data Store, and passes the compute request to MEVM.
SUAPPSUAVE application, smart contracts on SUAVE chain with rules for confidential computation and functions to submit to target domains (i.e. chains).
SUAVE Chaina fork of Ethereum designed to facilitate credible, confidential execution in MEV use cases. Main purpose is to reach (and maintain) consensus about smart contract code. [🔗spec].
SUAVE transactionthe transaction object that is broadcast on the SUAVE Chain. Contains the result of a CCR in its calldata + the signature of the Kettle(s) which computed said result.
Solveractor who takes many user token trades as input and competes to provide a solution to the mathematically optimal way to route all trades.
Userhumans or computers interacting with SUAPPs, primarily through sending confidential compute requests (CCR) to Kettles.